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Nile Winters is the quintessential modern-day woman. She is a beautiful therapist with her own practice. She is educated, financially stable, has a great relationship with her family and is always surrounded with great friends. Nile Winters has everything. Everything that is, except a man. Her high standards and Christian morals won’t allow her to accept just anything. He must be well educated, financially stable well-groomed and yes, a family man. It seems that combination is nowhere to be found…. until her patient Brian Bass walks into her life. Although he is experiencing some tough times that lead him to Niles office, it seems that he has lived his life by Nile’s check list. He has the career, the stability, & is quite easy on the eyes. He is even a family man. He can prove it! He already has a wife and child! Surely Nile’s Christian values will never allow her to entertain the thought of building a “friendship” with a married man. After all, she is so deeply rooted in her Christian values that she doesn’t believe in same sex marriage. Even when she is confronted by her flamboyant assistant, she is quick to stand her ground regarding her beliefs.

It isn’t long before Brian creative thinking and take control demeanor causes Niles hard fast stance to soften. Although she tries to remain private with her forbidden friendship, her twin brother and her 3 close girlfriends put together the pieces. Vanessa, Dior, and Mecca were the center of Niles world until Brian. With 3 very different personalities and 3 very strong opinions about Niles new friendship Nile is forced to face her truth. Having her best friend walk out on her was not a consequence that she considered. But Vanessa’s loyalty to the union of marriage overrode her commitment to her friendship with Nile.

Nile is perplexed. It all happened so fast! Nile is confronted on every level and even has to face the threat of losing her practice. How did it come to all of this? Her whole world seems to be crumbling and she has to decide if pieces of a man is truly better than nothing it at all.

Meet the Cast


Written & Directed by

Kinnik Sky
Assistant Director

Dwight Holt Jr



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What the industry has to say about Kinnik Sky Entertainment 

-Angela Bassett

American Actress and Film Director

"Kinnik Sky's Peace Be Sill is an EXCELLENT PRODUCTION.  Well acted and directed and has a message that MUST BE HEARD!  Excellent!"

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