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Loser takes all…….. or something.


Nile Winters is a beautiful Christian therapist with her own practice. She has everything, everything that is except a man… until a successful, handsome, married Brian Bass walks into her office. Will Nile resist the temptation of becoming a mistress or will pieces of a man be just what the doctor orders?

Written & Directed by
Kinnik Sky

Assistant Director
Dwight Holt Jr

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PIECES stars Kinnik Sky as Dr. Nile Winters & Roger Payano as Brian Bass. Will Dr. Winters be able to recover from the storm Brian brings?​​




A proud Afro-Latino of Dominican descent, he studied at The National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts and its’ Actors Repertory Theatre in Washington DC. He’s elated to be reunited with Kinnik Sky and back on the Emil Theatre Main Stage. His recent credits include P-VALLEY, SAMARITAN, MANHUNT, IT HITS YOU WHEN YOU KNOW IT.

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Ja’el The Great (Brandi Winters)

Ja’el “The Great” is an Actor, Professor, Author, Life coach, and dynamic Motivational Speaker who is passionate about spreading the message, “You are Perfect for Your Purpose.” As an actress and singer/songwriter she has worked with some of the greatest talents alive including Tyler Perry, Loretta Devine, Robert Townsend, Kim Fields, Kirk Franklin & so many more. She has been featured as a keynote speaker for conferences, workshops, and schools across the country. For more info on Ja’el’s  films, books, her message, and upcoming events, visit and follow her on all social media platforms @jaelthegreat

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Diesel Madkins (Miles Winters)

Diesel Madkins has starred in 47 major movie and tv roles, next to artist like Jason Bateman (Ozark), Sam Worthington (Avatar), he’s played Mike Tyson’s jail buddy in (Mike) and even played husband to Mary J. Blidge (Scream). Also playing Elliot Everest a leading role in BET’s Christmas Party Crashers.


Atlanta native (Robin Antoinette)

Atlanta native Robin Antoinette, a versatile artist on and off screen, shines with her portrayal of Coretta Scott King in The Lorraine Stage Production and her role in BET/VH1's "I Got a Story to Tell." As the writer and star of "I Am Phoenix," her creative talents soar, while her emotional performance in "MOMMAS" resonates deeplyproducer, Jillian’s filmsrecognition and festival wins. Recent credits include Lifetime, allblkTV, and she performs regularly as a mainstage actor with Sketchworks Comedy continue to gain

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Challedon Saltor (Dior Clark)

Currently an Atlanta based actress by way of Baltimore, MD. Shining with tenacity and flare Challedon's a powerhouse with credits to include Power Book IV: Force, 61st Street, Tyler Perry's "House of Payne," BET's "The Game," & "Genius: Aretha Franklin. I'm delighted to be joining such an impeccable cast of actors.“It's not about how you start, but how you finish"  -IG@msaskaboutme


Beliria Sims (Vanessa)

A native of Detroit, MI, moved to Atlanta, to attend Clark Atlanta University, fell in love with the city, and never left. Here is where she birthed her acting career knowing that her artistry would be her highest and best service to mankind as well as her creator. While proud of her roles on hit shows like David Makes, Man, Law and Order Organized Crime, and The Best Man Final Chapters amongst others, Beliria is extremely honored to be back on stage to be of service to you.

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Ronin Molaschi (Jovi Sparks)

Originally from Texas and California, is an actor now based out of Atlanta, Georgia. When he's not on the job he's either practicing archery, hiking trails with his friends, watching movies at some theater, or hiding in his room in front of a script he's writing

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Carleek Owens(MalikWashington)

Carleek Owens is an Atlanta based actor who is originally from Portsmouth, Virginia. He graduated from Bluefield University in Virginia with his Bachelor's Degree (Theatre) in 2020.  While Carleek enjoys doing film and TV work, he says there is nothing like being on stage and that theatre will always be home for him.  He wants to shout out to all his friends and family who have been on this journey with him and continues to push him to be the best version of himself. #TwoUpTwoDown

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Jillian Walzer (Jennifer Bass)

Jillian is an award-winning, film/TV, theatre actress, and model, who recently won best actress in her self-penned film, ‘Hit tor Miss’. As a writer/producer, Jillian’s filmsrecognition and festival wins. Recent credits include Lifetime, allblkTV, and she performs regularly as a mainstage actor with Sketchworks Comedy continue to gain

What the industry has to say about Kinnik Sky ENT.

Angela Bassett.jpg

American Actress and Film Director

“With wit, wisdom and wonderful performances…Kinnik Sky’s PIECES is engagingly complete.”

Angela Bassett

Bill Duke.jpg

American Actor and Film Director

"Kinnik Sky's Peace Be Sill is an EXCELLENT PRODUCTION. Well acted and directed and has a message that MUST BE HEARD! Excellent!"

Bill Duke


American Author, Speaker & Motivational speaker

There are so many types of ministries. Some have the gift of music, others have the gift of speaking, preaching, teaching while others have the give of nurturing and of service. The bible says that your gifts will make room for you. When I sat down in the theatre it wasn’t long before I realised that somehow in the midst of all this… gifts were making room. I knew that I was witnessing in a very real way an anointing that I wanted to be a part of.

Toure Roberts


CNN Entertainment Reporter

"Kinnik Sky's 'Pieces' is so real I was almost embarrassed watching because I felt I was eavesdropping into a private situation. Sky's script digs into so much truth about relationships and the actors deliver the characters so convincingly, that I forgot I was in a theater and had to stop myself from interrupting." I am now calling Neil Simon the "Jewish Kinnik Sky. You are able to mix drama and comedy and real life truths in each act. His plays did too. Instead of calling you the black Neil Simon I think he should be characterized after you."

Alan Duke

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