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From eleven-time nominated and seven-time NAACP Theatre Award-winning Writer and Producer Kinnik Sky, comes her new gripping Dramedy, PEACE BE STILL! 




Will love be enough to heal the wounds of the past, or will Dr. Nile Winters forever be trapped in the fragments of her shattered heart?

Dr. Nile Winters has it all! She’s ambitious, educated and has an awesome career. Her fortune of love includes an over-bearing mother, a loving twin brother, and three boisterous yet loyal best friends. They give her all the support of humor, love and laughter, but she’s still missing something. A husband. After recovering from the storm of having fallen in love with her married patient, she asked God to forgive her and finally forgave herself. Soon after her internal reflection was complete, she found love in a much younger suitor.

After investing three-years, their relationship becomes another failed attempt at her happily ever after. But when her past does a boomerang at the realization that life isn’t the same without her, Nile gets the proposal. But instead of planning her wedding, she finds herself planning how she will deal with the demons from her past that could ultimately mean no future.
Will Nile get the peace and the love she is seeking? Or will she be forever trapped in the fragments of a broken heart?
Pieces left audiences saying ”Kinnik let me just say “Pieces is a theatrical masterpiece that left me on the edge of my seat.” and the great legendary actress Angela Bassett saying, “PIECES is full of  wit, wisdom, and wonderful performances!
Angela Bassett.png

"Kinnik Sky’s PIECES is filled with wit, wisdom and wonderful performances!"

American Actress and Film Director

Angela Bassett

Alan Duke.jpg

"Kinnik Sky's 'Pieces' is so real I was almost embarrassed watching because I felt I was eavesdropping into a private situation.

CNN Entertainment Reporter

Alan Duke

Bill Duke.png

"Kinnik Sky's Peace Be Sill is an EXCELLENT PRODUCTION. Well acted and directed and has a message that MUST BE HEARD! Excellent!"

American Actor and Film Director

Bill Duke

Toure and Sarah Jakes Roberts.jpg

"When I sat down in the theatre it wasn’t long before I realized that somehow in the midst of all this… gifts were making room. I knew that I was witnessing in a very real way an anointing that I wanted to be a part of."

Best Selling Author and husband of Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

Toure Roberts



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NAACP Best Actress Winner
Kinnik Sky
Girl in the Closet
 Jael the Great
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American Idol Finalist
Paris Bennett
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The Hawks Dance Team
Charizma Lawrence
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Being Mary Jane Emmy Nominated
 Aaron Spears
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Gospel Recording Artist
Darlene McCoy
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 Diesel Madkins
For Colored Girls
Darletra Perry
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The Kountry Wayne Series
Amber Tai
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OWN TV Personality
Stacii Jae Johnson
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Lifetime Actress
Jillian Walzer
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Brion Whitley
Apr 26


🥰DateNite last Saturday 4/20

👏🏾🎭🎟️❤️👌🏾Kinnik (Ken-NEEK) Sky…Peace Be Still is such a well written, thoughtful, engaging, entertaining and hilarious play. There is a little bit of everything in this play that will make you cry, laugh, teach, but and you will leave the play transformed and inspired! It is like a mirror reflecting the microcosm of society capturing issues of everyday life including marriage, infidelity, divorce, singleness, blended families, lust, and betrayal, but also forgiveness, love, redemption, hope and God. There are clever plots and twists in the suspense that will keep audiences engaged and guessing. The cast was perfect for this play and they were excellent thespians.

🙌🏾Rob Wilson thank you for blessing us with tickets to this phenomenal, spiritual, inspirational, enlightening and amazing stage play. Tundra and I are still talking about the topics the play covered. Kinnik you wrote, produced, directed and starred in your own raved and instant classic!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🔥One last word for actors of this must see critically acclaimed play Peace Be Still…



let the crowds roar/

this play like a delicious oriental buffet will leave you full, but have you coming back for more!🖌️~ Vert



















Apr 27
Replying to

So true, all of this! Not at all what I imagined! Had us crying, gasping, and literally laughing out loud! Perfectly scripted. I saw my whole life flash before me. There was almost no scene I hadn't experienced. Whew! A night to remember for sure!! A must see if there is ever a movie and we hope there is!!!

The script was AMAZING & the acting was PHENOMENAL!! It was definitely a standing ovation! Be on the look out for more work from @kinnikskvofficial !!!

Apr 22

My wife and I saw the show in Atlanta on Saturday night. We couldn’t stop talking about how excellent it was! The acting, singing, and everything about it was masterful!

Apr 22

Peace Be Still took me through so many emotions and all of them led me to being happy I came to see it.

Apr 22

The "Peace Be Still" play by @kinnikskyentertainment @kinniksk. Is amazing stories within a story!!! Sooooo many twist and turns!!! If you love amazing writing, storytelling, drama, laughter, tears; it is a must-see!!! The entire cast did an amazing job!!! GOD has gifted each of you beyond measure!!! @kinnikskyentertainment the stuff you went through to get this play out in Atlanta was nothing short of a miracle!!! When others second guess or discount you, GOD DOESNT! I will definitely go see again!!!

Apr 22

Peace Be Still is a thought-provoking work of art with a jaw-dropping story-line, talented cast, good music, drama, comedy, and love on a relaxed set in a beautiful theater. The story was relatable and left me with an added sense of self-love and self-worth. Congratulations to Kinnik Sky and the entire cast and crew on a wonderful performance! Peace Be Still was a pleasure to witness and a memorable experience..

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